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For us, GPC is an opportunity to use our skill sets, which happen to be very complementary to one other. Michael is personable and outgoing. He enjoys connecting with people and physical labor. Kim, on the other hand, is a thinker. Opposites attract, right? But the best part? We get to do it together! When God brought us together, it was truly two becoming one in all areas of life. We are better together, We do this because it is an opportunity to continue working, doing something we both enjoy. Michael grew up in the peach orchards of middle Georgia, so peaches are personal to him, and he has a desire for others to enjoy what he enjoyed growing up.

Our business provides customers with what we believe is the best product. We also desire to build a trusted relationship with our host partners and give them a tool to help them grow their business. We believe that you fulfill your purpose as you help others fulfill theirs. As we move toward retirement, our desire is that our business will afford us the time and financial resources to invest in our family and in those around us who might be less fortunate. GPC isn't just a job, it's our lifestyle.

Michael & Kim

The Pearson Farm is a 5th generation peach and pecan farm located in Ft Valley, the heart of Georgia Peach country. Operating as Georgia‚Äôs oldest peach farm, the Pearson Farm has been growing sweet Georgia peaches for over 120 years. The Pearson family farm grows over 30 variety of peaches on their 4600 acre farm. We have a personal relationship with the growers. They are men of integrity. "They see the duties involved in farming the land as honorable, God given privileges." Through each generation there is a feeling of deep respect for the soil. An underlying creed has been handed down, from father to son, through each of these generations: if you are good to the soil, the soil is good to you. The prosperity of each generation has been rooted in this critical belief. 

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